I occasionally speak on TV, podcasts, college classes, industry conferences and to regulators.

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Invest like the Best with Patrick O’Shaughnessy.

This podcast is easily one of the best ones for investing. I got lucky that Patrick invited me early on, before his podcast became a big deal.

The Long View with Christine Benz and Jeff Ptak

We discuss what works in financial education, the benefit of mental accounts, and learning-by-doing in investing.

Standard Deviations with Daniel Crosby

Two behavioral finance guys geek out about good behavior through good design. We talk about how “centaur” approaches (combining human advisors with tech) are the future of finance, why investors need to have faith in their own approach, the future of behavioral finance, and whether it is most effective to change the person or the portfolio

Financial Advisor Success Podcast with Michael Kitces

I chat with Michael abou what robo-Advisors can teach human advisors about evidence-based advice and investor management.

Capital Allocators with Ted Seides.

Focused on how we make investing decisions at Betterment, and being an allocator for so many clients. This one more than anything encapsulates our philosophy that ‘The process is the product’, i.e. the valuable thing we do is designing a process for making good decisions.

Investing for the world you want to live in with Jill Schlesinger.

A discussion of impact, or SRI or ESG investing. When you’re interested in more than profits.

Money Savage

Learn about how about how and why Betterment was founded and the success they’ve experienced over the past 10 years! For the Difference Making Tip, scan ahead to 16:20.

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Rise of the Machines: FinTech and Consumer Financial Decision Making

The 2018 keynote at the Consumer Financial Decision Making conference where I try to project forward how the next ~10 years of behavioral design and FinTech might work.

Improving client (and advisor) behavior with technology

Keynote at the CFA Wealth Management Institute. This is focused on helping advisors use technology to improve their own behavior, as well as their clients and prospects. Watch out for the loud cough.

Resolve Riffs

A wide-ranging conversation on the fallacy of trying to predict what makes us happy, why understanding our biases does not provide immunity against them, and generalizations vs uniqueness across investors

Financial Experience & Design

I discuss the behavioral design approach at Betterment, and give some case studies of how we’ve made decisions and generated evidence for how to design for our clients.