Hi there!

I am a behavioral scientist focused on improving the design & tech for personal finance and investing. I work at Betterment and PreThink.

I love making new & useful FinTech tools, beautiful data visualiations, science fiction, dogs, and snowboarding.

I studied economics and decision science, finishing my MSc in 2005. I've collaborated on a few academic papers, done a lot of public speaking and press, and some pretty cool coding. You can find me on Twitter and GitHub.

I live in NYC with my wife, kid, and a few bikes.

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Founder, PreThink

PreThink Logo PreThink is my side-hustle company, consulting & advising for organizations who want practical behavioral science in financial services and tech.

Head of Behavioral Science, Betterment

Betterment logo I joined Betterment as employee number 21 back in 2013. I help design our web and native apps, the process of how we make portfolios, and come up with novel ideas for better behavior.

Mobile Engineer, Betterment

Betterment logo In 2020 I taught myself Flutter, the cross-platform app framework. In 2022 I joined Betterment's mobile team as an engineer focused specifically on the investing and behavioral aspects of our mobile apps.

Barclays Wealth

Barclays logo I developed a advice framework based on personality mappings to portfolio construction, ran the training program for advisors, wrote commentary and did press.

MSc, Decision Science, London School of Economics

Thesis: Hierarchical aggregation of expert opinion.

Bayesian statistics, hierarchical models, cognitive psychology, system dynamics.

B.A. with Distinction, Economics, Boston University

Wind icons created by Freepik - Flaticon Distinction Thesis: Offshore Wind Power and Oligopoly Price Stability link